A Sister Concern of ASA

About HP

We need you! Join our movement dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice across the country.

For over 10 years, Hope for the Poorest (HP), a sister concern of ASA, world renowned microfinance institution, has been providing opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and communities across the country to build better lives for themselves through education, primary healthcare, WASH and micro enterprise.

Far from being a handout, HP aims to transform entire communities towards self-sufficiency and sustainability on WASH. We don’t simply send aid to the beneficiaries and hope for the best, we closely monitor every one of our projects and give you assurance that your investment is effectively addressing extreme needs at its core.

HP exists to provide Technical Support to World Bank partners, production and promotion of low cost sanitary napkin for poor women and girls, WASH for All projects to people in the rural and urban areas of the country. Our projects focuses on empowering individuals and communities with the necessary skills and linkage with microfinance institutions for sustainable development. At times of crisis and disasters, HP also provides emergency relief to those most affected. By working in both sustainable development with relief assistance, HP aims to reduce school dropout rate for those that are hardest hit.

HP is transparent, lean and efficient and the staff are motivated by genuine love and concern for those less privileged.

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